Giles Bowkett's RubyFringe presentation
Oct 01, 2008 18:14

Back in July I attended the RubyFringe conference in Toronto. It was a great conference, and most attendees agree that the highlight was Giles Bowkett's presentation on Archaopteryx, his lambda-licious MIDI environment. The software is pretty cool (it reminded me of what I used to get up to with Max back in the day, but his is much more sophisticated) - but the presentation was excellent.

                    He managed to squeeze 400-odd slides into a half-hour presentation, and even dared to do a live demo of in-progress software.  He also went fifteen minutes or so into the scheduled lunch time, and - possibly a first for any tech conference anywhere - <em>not a single person left early to go eat</em>.  In fact, he was given a huge standing ovation at the end.  

                                            The talk really energized what was already a great conference, and pushed it to a 'best conference ever' level.  

                                            The presentation is now available on line at InfoQ - it took them a while to get this up, since they had to stitch in the 400+ slides.

                                            <a href="" target="new"></a>.

                    I strongly recommend watching this in full-screen mode.  Note there is foul language, some (brief) disturbing images, and some change-your-life ideas.

        Update: Pete Forde has <a href="" target="new">a great post about this on the Unspace Rethink site</a>.
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