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Shindigital.com is the home of Shindig Digital Constructions Inc.

Shindig is owned and operated by Andrew Burke out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke is an independent full-stack developer with over 25 years of experience building software. He also creates digital art and has spoken at conferences across North America.

Andrew Burke speaking before an audience at ConFoo Montreal 2020

Andrew is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups. He has presented and keynoted at conferences and events across North America, virtually and in person. He is also an award-winning Toastmaster. You can find out more about his speaking engagements here.

This Is Nowhere

An app-based scavenger hunt. A uniquely enhanced theatre experience. I worked closely with Halifax's Zuppa Theatre to create all the software for the groundbreaking This Is Nowhere project. You can find out more in my series of blogposts about the project.

Star Ships Start Here

It started as a friendly spoof of shipsstarthere.ca, and now it has over 400 pictures of science fiction and Nova Scotia. T-shirts, posters, calendars, and more available in the online store

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