Presenting at Ruby on Rails Project Night - May 7th
May 05, 2009 10:41

Even though she hasn't been working in a Rails shop for over a year, Corina Newby has continued to do great work for the Toronto Rails community, particularly with her Ruby on Rails Project Nights. I presented at the very first one, back in January of 2008, as well as another about a year ago. I'm going to be presenting again this coming Thursday, along with LearnHub's Libin Pan, and Domainer's Kristan Uccello. Here's my blurb:

In the fall of 2008 I rewrote the core application for (now, taking a crufty and poorly-written .NET application and turning it into a cleaner and leaner Ruby on Rails application. The result is a codebase one fifth of the size, major performance improvements, and a lot less Fail. I’ll cover how the project worked out, some of the technical challenges, and show some seriously WTF C# code (and how I fixed it).
More details are available at Corina's blog Correlations.

It should be a fun night, especially since ClearFit is providing the beer.

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