New Name and New Look for Careerious/Clearfit
Apr 22, 2009 22:03

In addition to my own projects, I do development work for other companies. Last winter I worked with a local startup called Careerious. They were struggling with a poorly-written legacy C#/.NET application, and I rewrote it in Ruby on Rails. I've written in detail about the project and will be presenting on it at an upcoming Ruby/Rails Project Night.

The new application was deployed in January, but while it had been completely rewritten inside, the front end and interface hadn't changed a bit. The interface and user experience were identical - except for being a lot faster in certain places.

Well, now that the foundation has been cleaned up and strengthened, Careerious have been starting to change the decor. First off, they've changed their name from the hard-to-understand-over-the-phone Careerious to ClearFit. Second, they have a gorgeous new website. Third, they extended these design changes to the application screens as well.

So pay the new site a visit and admire the new look.

Also, seriously consider signing up: employers have a free limited starter plan and a 14 day free trial for all paid plans, and it's always free for job seekers - you also get a free personalized Career Planning Guide PDF.

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Mar 20, 2009 10:22