Remembary Video
Mar 19, 2011 15:31

The latest version of Remembary came out last week, and I've put together a 2 minute screencast for it.

I'll be writing a more detailed blog post soon about how I made the video. The quick version: I used ScreenFlow and GarageBand to put all of the elements together, including the ear-virus music loops.

I discovered that the best best way to do a video of an iPad app is to screencast it running in the simulator on a computer. Trying to get a real iPad on video is tricky: the screen has a lot of glare, your hand blocks the view and can change the focus and brightness settings on an autofocus camera. Also, as I discovered when I tried a few months ago, that the Real World can intervene:

Congratulations! Welcome to Your Nightmare!
Mar 11, 2011 09:30
Giles Bowkett Diary Project 2
Jun 03, 2011 22:44