May 19, 2008 09:31

There is so much going on these days in the Toronto tech community. I'm out at events at least once a week if not more often, and these are just the free, social events.

Until now, Facebook has been the place for keeping track of these things - but only from friends, and mixed in with invitations to bad rock shows, embarrassing photographs, and quizzes about which decade I most resemble (1920s and 1980s?)

In true web hacker style, Rowan Hick has taken matters into his own hands and produced torontorb, one stop for all of the Ruby-related events and activities and people in the Toronto area. It's only a few days old, so It's a little sparse right now, but you can already tell it's going to be great.

They've included links to notable Ruby developers and firms (including Shindig) and they've also got an aideRSS-powered merged feed from several Ruby blogs. Now that I've posted about them in a post that will show up on their own feed, there will be an endless feedback loop of cross-reference - a Toronto Ruby Blog singularity.

Or maybe at least it will update my part of the RSS feed, since it uncovered a small problem I had with relative vs. absolute links in my XML. Hey guys, it works now!

Non-DRY Feed
May 22, 2008 12:37